We are back in the bright light of another black day. Like a soul trapped for too long beneath everybody’s neediness, the tasks on my own list fail to become completed. My eyeballs ache from swinging back and forth between social networks.

I just want to be here for you. Musette sitting next to me, her ass aching like crazy. I mean, a little five and a half pound nincompoop that had been using her intestines as a pillow, come out and me now giving her pills every day, twice a day, to keep things soft and regular.

the baby cries all the time.

I don’t think that it’s cholic, says Musette.

She’s gassy

Her stomach is tight and hard.

Musette’s breasts let down every time she sees her.

I’m cracking my neck. That’s the important thing: to remain focused. It’s very easy to get depressed, it’s very easy to get discouraged.

Welcome to one location is what I say

The stream being thick and creamy, gurgling, viscous and vicious towards Erik, who’s gone now, so what is this but an act of cowardice at this point were it not for the many eyed god watching my every move and reporting it to the wielder of the weapons that I forge?

Poisoned blades. We’ve dealt with those before, I speak to the dark silence, linger in the air as the psychological demons that I’m trying to work through. Stars in the sky, bring me back. Cold is the night, and I’ve got a name.

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