My hair falls into the sink. My beard is gone. I am wearing the blue Western. I am an agent.

I’ve said it before, but people don’t hear me when I say things. People do not see.  I will know the work of others when it happens because I am the one who sees. I am the one who works. I am a believer. I have certain bases covered. I can move more freely than others because of my ball and chain. I am the breaker of chains. I’m waving one hand in front of your face while covering my eyes with my other arm.

Time, time, time, I say. Location and place.

Expand the universe rather than contracting it. Sacrifice people for place. Try to shake the sleep from your soul.

I’m here, an actor, and we can do it together.

I get where you’re coming from, I want to tell fluland.

Maybe I know nothing…

I have short hair though now. I’ve cleaned up my act.

The baby still recognizes me even though I know that I am alone in a desolate wilderness, conjuring up a new reality.

We move forward. I will not let us all move back. Backwards is death. Death is the enemy.

I don’t live in the real world. I don’t worry about what others see.

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