I’m here, not even having touched touched Destiny 2-day because we went to a movie right after I got off of work while my mother in-law watched the baby. It’s good to get out and let someone else take your children for a change. The crying ringing through the day and night. I just want to sit and work my way through this baby episode. My light in a stranglehold. The monsters trying to steal it. All of these entities.This is something that I’ve dreamed about but never confronted face-to-face.

I have let it in… Life is a trap. That’s all that I’m saying. It lures you in by the seat of your pants. Beats you down, but this is bibles that we’re talking about. He’s put up with a bunch of shit. That’s what they say, brushing past me on the subway. Meat on the seat and a man on my right telling me to drop the reservations, the flesh as an expression of my soul. The flesh of my flesh making headway on the floor, turning right and left, up and smacking it back down into the clouds.

Cookies in the oven. They melt in your mouth. Chocolate chips. Open up and set off the fire alarm. Get in my bed. Get the birth control into your vagina. IUD. Tomorrow morning. I’ve got to drive her there and bring her back. She will be out of it. I’ve seen it before. Maybe she’ll be better now that she’s had a baby. Last time, she had to lie on the grass outside of the Planned Parenthood. These seeds of my life. We chose to remove the dam. We chose to let the monster loose. She will outlive us, or she won’t, either way, it’s going to be Hell.

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